This Mothman phone grip is there to help you hold or prop your phone-- cryptid style. Mothman himself is made from acrylic. This phone grip comes with a base and is NOT switchable with Pop-Sockets. 


This listing is for the phone grip PRE-ORDER. This will not be shipped out until early 2022. These will be ordered from my manufacturor, created by them, and then shipped to me before I can ship it to you. Pre-order status will continuously be updated on Instagram (@vaguelymj) and on Twitter (@vaguelymj). 


*PRE-ORDERS WILL BE OPEN UNTIL DECEMBER 20. UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF PRE-ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.* After December 20, this listing will be updated to "sold out" until the stock comes in. After I have the phone grips, this listing will turn into a post-preorder listing and will reflect any extra phone grip stock I have. These descriptions will be adjusted to reflect those changes in status as well. 



**IF YOU WANT OTHER THINGS FROM THE CRYPTID CREW SHOP, PLEASE ORDER THIS SEPARATELY!**  As this is a pre-order, it will be shipped when the phone grips arrive. Any other order you place will be shipped within 1-2 business days. Ordering separately helps me ensure I have your shipping fees on hand for when the phone grips come in. Thank you! 



Any questions? Feel free to message me on Insta/twitter @vaguelymj or use the site's contact form! 

Mothman Phone Grip (PRE-ORDER)